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Referee Opportunities!

We are reaching out to BENSC families with players that are 13 years of age and older. As many of you may or may not know we have a severe referee shortage across the country and our area is no exception. We are looking to do our part to change that in our area though. We are putting the call out for all players (or parents) that may want to make some extra money and be part of something they love playing by becoming certified referees. This is a great time to get involved as the NRDP and NE State Soccer organizations are providing some perks that normally are not available. One big perk is that anyone that becomes a certified referee can get a free kit which includes the official ref outfit. Normally these are purchased personally but in order to attract new members, they are offering these for free.

Becoming a referee is a great way for teens to make some extra spending money, as well as any adults interested. Pay scales range from $18-$40 per game as an AR (assistant referee) and $28-$75 per game for a head referee. The pay is based on age group games and crew size for each game. The pay scale changes a bit for tournaments, but is generally higher for those. You also choose what games you want to ref, so you can stay local here very easily.

We will be holding an introductory session for those that may be interested in becoming a referee. Below is a link for a Google form that we would like you to fill out so we can track interest and notify when and where the session will be. This session is not a commitment to getting certified but a chance for anyone interested to come learn what certification all entails and what to expect as a referee.

For those looking for more info, click on the NRDP button below or scan the QR code to learn more about the program.

We are really hoping that we can get a good pool of referees based here in Bennington. If we want to continue to have home games and not have to travel all over the area for every game it will be imperative that we get kids or adults involved. We have already had to reschedule a number of games due to lack of referees in our area, so this is a real situation we are in. Please consider learning more about the referee program and reach out with any questions.

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