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Reminder for Adult Athletes (players 18 and older)

“Adult Athletes” (defined as “Adult Participants”) are athletes who are 18 years of age or older who have regular contact participating on teams with “Minor Athletes” (this includes, but is not limited to training, scrimmages, games, etc.).  “Adult Athletes” must complete annual SafeSport training. There is no substitute for this requirement. SafeSport training will be the only accepted training module to fulfill this requirement for our 18-year-old players on youth teams.

If an Adult Athlete is found to NOT have completed the required training through the process outlined below, his/her player pass will be suspended indefinitely (current and all future seasonal years) and only reinstated upon completion of SafeSport.

Players can NOT take the training PRIOR to their 18th birthday. Once a player turns 18-years-old during the seasonal year, he/she has 30 days to complete the Adult Athlete Requirements.

All players must be entered into our Players Health Portal to start the process. Once entered they will be sent an email to login and complete the training. Once completed the certificates will be verified in Sports Connect.

Players or club admins can request an Adult Athlete RM Account here: Adult Athlete RM Account

Clubs may also send the attached file with information to Molly at Nebraska State Soccer to import into Player's Health. The spreadsheet MUST include all information.

  • Players First Name

  • Players Last Name

  • Players Date of Birth

  • Players Email address

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