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Volunteer Requirements

Every BENSC volunteer, including all board members, team managers and coaches MUST complete 3 requirements in order to volunteer for the club.  This is a statewide mandate, not just for Bennington Soccer Club. 

BENSC and Nebraska State Soccer are now using Player's Health to track every volunteers completion of the 3 requirements.  These 3 requirements must be completed every soccer year.  The soccer calendar year starts in the Fall and continues through the Spring season.  So if you complete the 3 requirements before the fall season you will be done until the following fall season, you do not need to complete again for the spring season.  All 3 requirements expire one year, to the day, and you should get an email notification when they expire.

The Risk Management requirements of all coaches and club personnel include an annual cleared background check, concussion training, and annual completion of SafeSport Training. Until these requirements are met coaches and club personnel should not participate with youth participants in any capacity.

Once each coach volunteers through the BENSC Demosphere registration system they will be sent an automated email from Demosphere/Player's Health.  This email could take 24-48 hours to receive.  The email will provide the coach with a link to start the Risk Management/volunteer requirements process through Player's Health. The email will come from "" or "Players Health Protect", please check your junk folder if you do not see it in your inbox. This email will contain the link to access your Players Health volunteer requirements.

Please see below to access the PDF help doc on how to complete your volunteer requirements. Thank you!

Three Requirements ALL volunteers need to complete:

1. Background Check  

All coaches must complete a background check - This registration process takes about 5 minutes, and permits Nebraska State Soccer to run a background check.

2. Concussion Management Training 

Once you have completed the course through the Player's Health/CDC Train website you will receive a certificate.  This certificate should be automatically uploaded to your Player's Health profile.

3. SafeSport 

The entire training does not need to be completed in the same sitting. You are able to save and return to the training after completing each 30 minute module. 

Starting Fall 2019, coaches who had already taken the initial 90 minute (3 module) training, will only be required to take a 20 minute refresher training each year.

Player's Health should automatically take you to the SafeSport modules.  If not you can click on the Sign-In button (top right corner, and then click the Register button. When setting up your profile, choose U.S. Soccer, please enter the following code: YC3E-6P5G-YYIL-CS2M.

SafeSport Frequently Asked Questions

**The Nebraska State Soccer website provides more info and help documents on how to complete these requirements.  Please click on the link below to be taken to their website.  Click on the "Coaches" tab.  You can then click on "Background Check", "SafeSport Training" and "Heads Up Concussion Certificate".

Players Health Step by Step Guide to completing your requirements:

Coaches can log in at any time to see the status of their volunteer requirements and to see when all three requirements expire.

Log into Demosphere, click the Risk Management button under My Account.  Then click the blue Players Health button and log into your account.

Lastly, click the My Account button in the upper right, under your name.  You will see tabs for "Waivers", "BG Checks" and "Trainings".

Questions on how to complete your requirements? 
Email/Call Players Health or
Email BENSC 
Leah Kinworthy

Player's Health

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 1.06.41 PM.png

Once completed you should be able to click on "My Account" and then "Risk Management" and see a green approved button. Your account may take 24+ hours to update.

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 11.13.37 AM.png

Coaches can log into their Demosphere account to access their team rosters.  Click on the "My Account" tab and then click on the "My Teams" tab.  You can then click the export button to have the rosters in a spreadsheet format.

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 9.38.59 AM.png
Volunteers who are Minors (under 18)

Any volunteer wishing to help coach for BENSC that is under the age of 18 cannot complete the adult Safe Sport or the Background Check.  

The volunteer should still complete the concussion training through CDC:

The volunteer should also complete the youth Safe Sport training:

*A minor cannot coach a team without an adult present.

**Any player or volunteer over the age of 18 must complete all three requirements listed above (Safe Sport, Background Check, Concussion Training prior to the start of the season.

Coaches Refund

Every BENSC Head Coach and Assistant Coach will receive a 50% refund* on registration fees for each child that plays for BENSC.

To receive the refund all coaches must complete:

-3 Volunteer/Coaching Requirements before deadline given/start of season

     -SafeSport, Kidsafe, Concussion

-coach for the entire Fall or Spring season

-complete the Coaches Google Form, by deadline given (This will be emailed to you towards middle/end of the season.)

*Note: this is a refund, not a 50% discount.  All families need to pay the entire registration fee for their children.  Giving a refund, instead of a discount, ensures volunteers coach for the entire season and complete all 3 volunteer requirements. 

**If multiple parents/guardians/family members coach for the club a maximum refund amount given will be 50% of the registration fees per child.


BENSC will mail you a refund check after the season has concluded.

Preventing Heat-related Illnesses and Deaths

By Dr. Karissa Niefhoff

"Among the fundamentals of a Heat Acclimatization Program are 1) a slow progression in activity level – duration and intensity; 2) adjusting workouts as heat and humidity increase, including close monitoring and a prompt response to developing problems; and 3) proper hydration."

"While coaches only have a prescribed number of practices before that first  contest in all fall sports, the rush to have the team in prime shape for the first game cannot come at the expense of the players’ health. The varying physical conditions of players must be considered, and special attention should be directed to higher-risk students..."      

"If it still exists anywhere in this country – and hopefully it does not – the old-school mentality of “run ‘em till they drop” must be eliminated from high school sports. In extreme heat and humidity, this philosophy will not have a good ending."

"Certain parts of the country continue to deal with extreme heat and humidity, as well as poor air quality from fires. In those cases, practice sessions MUST be adjusted. And, be aware that even less-than-extreme conditions pose a risk as well. Heroes are those who adjust their plan accordingly to effectively and sufficiently reduce the risk of exertional heat illness – not those who “tough it out” no matter the elements."

"In addition, the NFHS offers a free online course entitled Heat Illness Prevention. This course, which is available at, also reviews the seven fundamentals of a Heat Acclimatization Program." 

You can read the entire article here: