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Fall 2024 NYSL Season Info
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*All 8U is part of the Level 3 Red Conference.*

Fall 2024 & Spring 2025 Conferences:

Blue Conference (7 Game Season):

Premier 1: Division 1

Premier 2: Division 2

Level 1: Division 3

Level 2: Division 4


Red Conference (7 Game Season):

Level 3: Divisions 5 - 10

7U/8U Blue Jay Division, Husker Division, Maverick Division

Red Conference 7v7 League of America (6 Game Season):

13/14U, 15/16U, 17-19U (separate boys and girl divisions)

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*All 8U is part of the Level 3 Red Conference.*

*Self-Scheduling meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams.

**One Head Coach or Asst Coach from each team must attend the meeting. Teams not in attendance will receive a $100 fine. If someone from your team cannot attend, please contact a DOC. Any team that does not attend the self scheduling meeting and did not contact a DOC to take the meeting in their place will be responsible for paying all NYSL fines.

Level 3 Coaches Scheduling Info

This is for NYSL conflict games only we won’t be able to work around other leagues. NYSL Conflicts (


We are doing conflicts different this season if your team has a coach that coaches more than one NYSL team or your NYSL team shares players with other NYSL team than we need your team to submit the team conflict form under resources tab of our website. PLEASE submit just the days your team has conflicts on. An example is COACH has game two NYSL games on March 25 and April 8.

Team Availability
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NYSL Mandatory Primary Roster Rule: 

Teams that wish to play in NYSL must meet a minimum primary player count.  Primary players are players that are primarily rostered to your team, not secondary or club passed. If teams do not meet this requirement they will not be accepted into the league.

Teams playing 7v7 must have 9 primary players. 

Teams playing 9v9 must have 11 primary players. 

Teams playing 11v11 must have 13 primary players.

BENSC will use TeamSnap for our communication and team schedules.  Please download the TeamSnap app as this will be the clubs primary communication tool.

You will be added to the your team that you coach as well as to the BENSC Competition Coaches group.

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Coaches and Managers, 


Since we are using a new system this fall your opponent contact information is hidden until you login the system. This is done for everyone's protection so you won't be potentially spam because your information is out on the web. In order to get to this information you must be logged into the league system. Then follow the guide on our reschedule page to find the contact information. How to log in is also in this guide. Please also check out our team admin page under the resources tab on our webpage for other guides to navigate the league system. 


Here is the guide as well but it will expire quickly so if you need this go to the reschedule page of our website. how tos/contact information for reschedules.pdf




How to view your NYSL Schedule:

To view your team's schedule, please follow the steps below.

1. Log in.

2. Click the Teams tab

3. Click the Tournament & Schedule Apps tab

4. Click the Schedules/Game Scoring link across from the team name

NOTE: A team may be listed multiple times on this page if they are applied to play in multiple tournaments/leagues.


We also have numerous help guides available on this page to assist your will all of your league and system needs.

NYSL Reschedule Fee Reimbursement:

NYSL now asks for a $50 fee to be paid at the time the reschedule form is submitted.  Complete this Google Form to be reimbursed by BENSC, you must include a reason for your reschedule request.

Please note:

  • These are only for NON WEATHER reschedules, there is no fee for weather related reschedules.  

  • If the other team is requesting a reschedule they will need to fill out the reschedule request and pay from their end.

  • Depending on the reason for the reschedule, the BENSC Board reserves the right to not reimburse the reschedule.

  • Please email Ratina Crawford at after you submit the Reimbursement Form 

BENSC League Affiliation:

BENSC’s association with Nebraska State Soccer and NYSL/League of America will remain.  If you as a coach or team choose to play for another league or affiliation you will assume all registration duties and responsibilities as well as all fees associated with that league.  BENSC will not cover the costs or administration duties for any league other than NYSL/League of America.

Uniform Colors:

Home: Grey Jersey, Grey Shorts, grey or blue socks

Away: Blue Jersey, Blue Shorts, blue or grey socks

Upload a Player Photo to Sports Connect:


Team Admin:

How to Volunteer as a Coach/Team Manager in Sports Connect:

NYSL Game Day Info

How to access medical waivers for your team:

Log into "My Account" then click "Team Info"

Click the "Player Application Forms" button

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