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BENSC Announces 30k Sprinkler Investment

Exciting developments are underway at Bennington Soccer Club as they gear up to invest a substantial $30,000 into a brand-new sprinkler system for their esteemed soccer complex. Due to unprecedented heat and drought conditions last year, the fields got hit pretty hard.

"Our fields were damaged to the extent that only a sprinkler system and field conditioning will alleviate the repairs needed" said Board Member Mark Slobotski.

Set to commence in June, this project aims to enhance the quality and maintenance of their development fields, ensuring optimal playing conditions for their aspiring athletes. The installation process is projected to span a couple of weeks, during which meticulous attention will be given to every detail. As this transformative endeavor unfolds, the club promises to keep the soccer community informed with regular updates, sharing more information on this eagerly anticipated event. Stay tuned to witness how this investment propels the Bennington Soccer Club to new heights of excellence and fosters an environment of growth for their passionate players.

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