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Bennington Soccer Club

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It's a Great Day For Soccer

ENSA teams are in full play and we are now just a few hours away from our inhouse season kicking off. Soccer is indeed here! Registration for our fall season ended with higher numbers than this past spring with 445 registered players compared to just under 400 in the spring. It’s a sign that we are on the right track. We are doing the right things to provide the best soccer experience for our kids.

We encourage you to communicate with your coaches and division coordinators regularly. View those weekly email updates as your opportunity to discuss what your kids are telling you – what they like/don’t like – with them, as well as what you are seeing on the pitch. Your feedback is important.

Now the only thing that remains is playing the game. On behalf of the board we wish all of our kids the best as their journey to become great players continue. And we thank you for your continued commitment to this great game. We look forward to seeing everyone on the pitch.

Enrique Freed

President, Bennington Soccer Club 

*Our fall clean up will take place Saturday September 6 at 8am. We have a lot of work to do with shed and field maintenance jobs including some painting and installing a snow fence. Any time you can give would be greatly appreciated.

*You’ve asked and we listened – we will be playing home matches this year. Matches for U9 and U10 girls and boys will be played at our inhouse complex on August 24, October 4, 5, and 18th. Come out and watch and support our teams! We are working on getting matches for older teams later this season or in time for spring play.

*Interested in becoming  a soccer referee? We will be hosting a referee certification testing day over Labor Day weekend. Becoming a certified official will allow you to officiate matches in Bennington and surrounding areas. More information to follow.

Referee Certification

Bennington Soccer Club will be hosting a refee certification class over Labor Day weekend. Becoming a certified referee is a two step process. The first step is taking an online exam followed by on site certification. 

The online can be completed any time prior to the onsite certification which will take place August 30 from 8am to 5pm at the Bennington Library Community Center. You must complete both to become certified.

Any individual who is 13 years or older can become certified. An exception has also been granted for any individual who will be turning 13 this fall to be able to complete the exam and become certified. 

Becoming a certified official allows you to officiate any ENSA matches including those assigned in Bennington. It's another way to stay in the game!

Nebraska Referee Development Program Registration Procedures
To attend a New Referee Course, you must register for a clinic using the steps listed below. The cost for the clinic is $60.00, which includes your 2015 registration fees with U.S. Soccer and the Nebraska Referee Development Program. Payment of the clinic fee is done when you register for a course.

1. Nebraska Referee Development Program - Course Registration (https://nrdp.gameofficials.net/public/default.cfm)
2. On the left panel, click “New User?”
3. If a first time referee student, click on “I have NEVER BEEN registered”
4. Read the next page and check the box to continue
5. Complete the profile page. All questions in “red” must be answered.
6. Complete the address and phone information
7. On the left panel, click “Courses”
8. Click “Referee Courses”
9. Click “2015 New Referee Course”
10. Click on Course Number of the location and date you wish to attend
11. Click on “Register For This Course”
12. Answer all questions in “red”
13. Answer the question in the Information Certification box
14. Click “Load Session Tracker”. If you leave the screen prior to loading the tracker, click “Confirmed Reg”
15. Complete Session #1 prior to attending the classroom Session #2

If you have any questions about the clinic registration process, contact one of the following people for help.

Brent Wilson (brent@lincolnite.com / 402-432-7215)

Wayne Wilson (sranssa@gmail.com / 402-430-4561)

Once you've completed your online exam (Step 1) - please send an email to president@benningtonsoccer.org with your first and last name and age.

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