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Train. Compete. Achieve. 

Bennington, NE

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Director of Coaching

a) Actively promote, and act as a spokesperson, on the technical vision and developmental matters of BENSC. b) Facilitate the recruitment of coaches for all Levels of Play.

c) Target and develop a pool of potential coaches for competitive programs.

d) Provide initial education and on-going training clinics for all BENSC coaches.

e) Design, administer, and present internal clinics to aid in the development of the coaching staff.

f) Utilize experts such as state, regional, and national staff coaches to conduct coaching clinics.

g) Coordinate the developmental guidelines and training priorities for each Level of Play.

h) Coordinate the development of training strategies and curriculum for each Levels of Play.

i) Distribute player development policies and guidelines to all coaches.

j) Develop and maintain relationships with NSSA, NYSL, Bennington High School soccer programs/coaches, and other area clubs for the benefit of BENSC.

k) Design coaching assessment program, including committee, documented reporting tool, and delivery methods.

l) Attend games and practices to observe performance of BENSC coaches.

m) Provide timely assessment/feedback to coaches based on observations in conjunction with coach assessment committee.

n) Perform other duties as may be delegated by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors
Election Schedule:

Even Year Elections:



Asst Directors of Coaching

Odd Year Elections:

Vice President

Director of Coaching

Director of Competition

All other board seats shall be elected every year.

  • Director of Business Development

  • Director of Facilities

  • Director of Apparel

  • Director of Marketing

  • Tournament Director

2023 Elections will be held on November 15, 2023 at 6:30 pm during the Board of Directors meeting.

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