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Bennington, NE

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a) Responsible for the overall operation of BENSC.
b) Responsible for the execution of the Club’s Emergency Preparedness and Response
c) Facilitate all meetings.
d) Prepare the agenda for all meetings.
e) Delegate authority, assign specific functions, and recommend the creation of special
f) Act as Risk Management Coordinator for BENSC.
g) Represent BENSC in matters involving affiliated organizations and other social,
recreational, and sports organizations.
h) Authorize expenditures not in excess of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00)
without action by the Board of Directors.
i) Prepare an Annual Report for and preside at the Annual General Meeting.
j) Perform other duties as may be delegated by the Board of Directors.

Director of Competition

a) Main point of contact for players, parents, and coaches in the Recreational/
Competitive and Premier Levels of Play.
b) Recruit players and coaches, roster teams, create player passes, issue uniforms
and coach equipment, and communicate league rules/regulations to players,
parents, and coaches.

c) Collaborate with Director of Coaching Development, Assistant Directors of
Coaching Development, and coaches to determine team placement and
meet league registration deadlines.

d) Act as BENSC representative for NYSL, and attends scheduled league meetings.
e) Maintain Grassroots Coaching License and responsible for staying up to date on age
appropriate training, development topics, and game rules.

f) Work with Administrator to create the fall/spring competitive level practice schedules.
g) Perform other duties as may be delegated by the Board of Directors.