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Board of Director Bios

Executive Board Members

President Enrique Freed
Vice President Malea Melis
Treasurer Rob Formanek
Registrar Jeff Kaiser
Secretary Ami Baas
Director of Coaching Development OPEN
Director of Communications Erin Kloke
Director of Player Development OPEN

Board of Directors

Technical Director Developmental Age Groups Alex Mathers
Developmental Age Groups Administration Manager Bernice Beam
Competition Manager Mike Andersen
Uniform Manager Nick Hanish
Field Manager Bryce Miller

Enrique Freed - President

Enrique Freed - President

Soccer has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As the primary sport in Latin America, I played soccer with and against friends daily. Fast forward to today, my three daughter's love for the game has afforded me the opportunity to coach each of their teams and the opportunity to serve as President of the Club for the past 4 years. 

As Club President, my goal is simple and straightforward - ensure every child who wants to play the game gets that chance to play and to ensure every child who plays in Bennington receives the best possible experience. This is a great time to be a part of Bennington Soccer. 

Malea Melis - Vice President

Malea Melis

I'm very thankful my husband and I were able to find Bennington Soccer Club eight years ago when we moved to this area. The combination of family, community and passion for this sport is what drew us to the Club.

My two girls love soccer just as much as I do, so I wanted to be a part of helping build what they would represent throughout the years. I played throughout high school and for a couple of years at Wayne State. Although many things have changed since I was younger, the excitement of the game and the friendships never change. 

I've been on the Board for more than two years and the growth the Club has seen is from many years of hard work the board has put in. I'm very happy to be a part of this family. 

Rob Formanek - Treasurer

Rob Formanek - Treasurer

I own a local computer store with five employees and love being a small business owner. BENSC is a growing club and with growth comes challenges of being fiscally accountable. The skills that I have gained as a small business owner have been effectively used as Club Treasurer in our efforts to help guide our Club to non profit organization and to help us plan for future growth. 

My family and I have lived in Bennington for over six years. We truly believe we live in the best community in the Omaha metro. I look forward to helping our club grow and make our community the best in Omaha. 

Jeff Kaiser - Registrar

Jeff has been actively involved with BENSC as a coach since 2011. He joined the Board of Directors in June 2013 as a Division Coordinator and Club Registrar. He received his E Coaching license in July 2013.

Jeff successfully transitioned our club's registration system to Blue Sombrero in April 2017 to align with Nebraska State Soccer's registration and technology partner. 

He is married to Lisa and their three children - Kaylee, Ava, and Austin - play for BENSC. Jeff enjoys watching our players develop, compete and have fun. 

Ami Baas - Secretary

Ami Baas - Secretary

Having grown up playing soccer my entire life, I couldn't wait for my daughter to take on the same love of the game that I have. I was looking for a club that would challenge my daughter on the field with coaching styles that would help her grow as a player as well as an individual. I was fortunate enough to find this in Bennington. We have been blessed with amazing coaches and teammates. 

I joined the board in 2014. I have learned that BENSC is more than a regular club. It's a family. I am excited about the growth our Club is seeing. I am looking forward to watching our players continue to grow as players and as individuals and to love the game of soccer!

Erin Kloke - Communications Director

Erin Kloke - Communications Director

I've been a part of Bennington Soccer Club since 2010 when my daughter started playing at the age of 5. My son is now on the 2008 boys team, and I really love watching him develop and grow in the game. 

I love our club because Bennington Soccer Club still has a small town feel but with amazing growth and talent at every level!

I started playing soccer when I was seven and played all through high school as goalkeeper. I love passing this passion on to my son and others in our community. 

Alex Mathers - Technical Director Developmental Age Groups

Alex started playing soccer at the age of 5 and has since loved the game. She played select soccer starting at the age of 8 where she traveled throughout the Midwest Region. Alex was also part of ODP and went on to play four years of college soccer at Wayne State in Wayne, Nebraska. Alex played mostly center back but was asked to play outside midfield and outside back as well. 

Alex is now entering her third year of teaching at Bennington Elementary. She currently teaches 5th grade. In addition to her Technical Diretor of Developmental Age Group duties for the Club, Alex also coaches reserve basketball, JV soccer and is an assistant coach for the varsity basketball and soccer teams. 

Alex truly believes the next best thing after playing is having the opportunity to coach. 

Bernice Beam - Developmental Age Groups Administration Manager

Bernice Beam - Developmental Age Groups Administration Manager

Bernice is a mother of three Bennington Soccer Club players and has served as Developmental Age Groups Administration Manager, formerly known as inhouse coordinator, since 2016. 

Her oldest son Jack is 14 and has been playing soccer since he was three. Bernice has been the manager of his soccer team for the past two years. Kylie, her daughter, is 11 and has been playing since she was 3. Bernice's youngest son, Camden, is just beginning his soccer career. He is four. Jack, Kylie and Camden are the reasons why Bernice proudly calls her self a soccer mom through and through.

Mike Andersen - Competition Manager

Nick Hanish - Uniform Manager

Nick Hanish

Nick has been with the Board since 2007. Nick played soccer up through high school and in the process has always had love and passion for the sport. 

Nick has 4 children playing on BENSC teams including a daughter who plays for the High School varsity team. 

I have been able to witness amazing growth and development within the Club but also within our Bennington community and our attitude for soccer. My goal is to help foster the passion for the sport and to assist in the growth and development of the Club so our community can enjoy this beautiful game. 

Bryce Miller - Field Manager

Bryce Miller

Bryce has been a part of Bennington Soccer Club since he moved to Bennington in 2007 and a part of the Board since 2015 as field manager. Bryce has also coached for the Club for several years in the developmental age groups and also served as an assistant coach for his son's team. 

Bryce and his wife, Tiffany, enjoy watching their three kids learn, develop, and play soccer through the Bennington Soccer program. 

Bryce works for Verizon enabling new products for network and security solutions.