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Drills & Supplements

U4 Division

U4 is the introduction to soccer for most players.  Practices/Training portion should be 30-45 minutes long followed by 15-20 mins of 3 v 3 games.  Coaches should keep the ball play.  When a ball goes out of bounds through another ball in.  When the ball is dead this is a great opportunity to get the ball to the feet of more timid players so all will have an opportunity during the game. 

U5 / U6 Division

Goals for the Season

The primary goal with this age group is continuing to make soccer a fun sport for the kids.  The emphasis should continue to be on fun and not competition. 

Three goals for the U5 season;

  1. Teach the players what direction to run, and to stay within the white lines.
  2. Teach the players not to sue their hands to touch the ball.
  3. Teach the players to stop playing when the play stops.

Three goals for the U6 season;

  1. Introduction to basic soccer terms.
  2. Introduction to corner kicks and goal kicks.
  3. Introduction to dribbling, kicking and stopping the ball with feet.

U8 Division

Goals for the Season

The primary goal with this age group is to begin developing skills, as a player, in ball handling, passing and shooting.  While no positions are being played, you should begin emphasizing spacing on the field.  If their teammate has the ball there is no reason to go to the ball, but rather they should find open space on the field.  The emphasis should still be on having fun with the sport and not on competition.

Three "goals" for the season;

  1. Recognize where their teammates are on the field, and find appropriate space on the field.
  2. Begin to develop passing skills
  3. Recognize they should not be taking the ball from their teammate.
“ During fun-activity time in practice, let players compete against you with the loser doing push-ups. You will never see your players try harder than when they have the chance to make their coach do push-ups! And smart coaches know that losing these competitions can fill players' Emotional Tanks to the brim! ”

Agility Training

Fun and Effective Youth Workouts

Have fun and learn at the same time. This series gets kids working on the basic movements that will develop them athletically, while also adding competition and fun.

Quickness Training

Improve multi-directional quickness with this simple, 4-cone drill. Emphasize the sprint out to imitate a game-time scenario.

Recommended Reading

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By, Sam Snow

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Edited By, Bobby Howe

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Guide To Great Soccer Drills
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Modern Youth Training - The Complete Guide to Soccer for Kids
By, Ralf Peter and Gerd Bode

FUNdamental Soccer Goalkeeping
By, Karl Dewazien

Soccer is a Thinking Game – A Simple Approach to Coaching Youth Soccer (Ages 5-12)
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The Complete Guide to Coaching Soccer Systems & Tactics
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Soccer Practice Games
By, Joseph Luxbacher

Soccer Do You Know The Rules? 3rd Edition
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