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FALL 2019 Season Dates & Practice Times:

Our FALL 2019 developmental season is set to kick off the week of August 25th and end the week of May 24th (weather permitting).  Our Fall 2019 field layout and assignments is pictured towards to bottom of this page.

Our developmental division assignments are determined by the players birth year, as all kids who are born in the same year will play together.  We have nine divisions:

  • The 2012 Boys & Girls Divisions (boys and are girls separate)
  • The 2013 Boys & Girls Divisions (boys & girls are separate)
  • The 2014 Boys & Girls Divisions (boys & girls are separate)
  • The 2015 Boys & Girls Divisions (boys & girls are separate)
  • The 2016 Boys & Girls Division (coed)

We will have 2 practice sessions each week for our 2013 - 2015 players; one hour on a week night, and an additional hour on Saturday mornings.  2016 players will play once per week on Wednesday nights only (no Saturday practices or festivals for them).  We will not have formal games, however we will have many scrimmages built into the bi-weekly practice sessions, and we will have three 4v4 Festivals where all players will play against the kids in their age ranges (for kids born in 2013 - 2015).

The purpose of this format is to ensure that all players in our developmental age range are getting hundreds of touches on the soccer ball each week.  We plan to incorporate fun games & activities to develop skills and ball handling and ensure that EVERY player has fun, improves their skills and has the proper development to play at the level required when they reach the Competitive older team level.

TENATIVE FALL 2019 Schedule

Monday - 2013 Boys & Girls - 6pm-7pm

Tuesday - 2014 Boys & Girls - 6pm-7pm

Wednesday - 2015 & 2016 Boys & Girls - 6pm-7pm

Thursday - 2012  Boys & Girls

Saturday Mornings - 

    9:00 - 10:00 am - TBD 

    10:15 - 11:15 am - TBD

   11:30 am - 12:30 pm - TBD



  • TBD

Field Assignments


Unfortunately the Nebraska weather is not always “soccer friendly”.  We realize that some parents will be frustrated when we cancel practices, and some others will be frustrated when we don’t cancel.  As a group of volunteer board members & volunteer coaches – we do our best to make the right call, but recognize that we can’t always make everyone happy.

The BENSC board of directors have created weather parameters to ensure our players are safe and are having fun on the field.  Moving forward we will not hold practices or festivals for DEVELOPMENTAL LEAGUE ONLY when the following conditions apply at the start of practice / festival times:

  • Wind Chill is below 30 degrees
  • Heat Index is above 95 degrees
  • There is lightening within 5 miles of the soccer complex

Developmental League WILL have practices / festivals during the following times:

  • Recently rained, but the fields are deemed to be in good shape (your kids will get muddy)!
  • Current light rain, but no storms in the area
  • Holiday weekends are at the coaches discretion (Easter, Labor Day, Spring Break)

In addition - weather decisions will typically not be made until about an hour or so before the start of a session because Nebraska weather changes quickly and we always want to play when possible.  Weather decisions will be communicated out via Team Snap.  Due to limited space at the soccer complex, we cannot always guarantee that a practice will be able to be made up – but we will do our best to extend the season by a week or two if the weather & sunlight allows. 

Competitive teams (U9 & older) & Winter/Summer Academy sessions will still be at coaches discretion and do not fall into these parameters.  As always – parents have the final decision on if to send their child to play on any given day.  No child will be penalized for missing a practice or festival due to weather. 

If you  have any questions on this policy, please feel free to email the BENSC board at


Developmental Age Group Dri Fit Shirts


  • Solid Colored Dri-fit Shirt based on team assignment - will be handed out at first practice
  • Black Soccer Shorts
  • Black Soccer Socks
  • Shin Guards
  • Soccer Cleats (no baseball cleats allowed) or Athletic Shoes
  • Size 3 Ball

** Team shirts will be handed out at the first practice (depending on when they are ready).  Each team will be assigned a different colored shirt, and players should wear their shirts to each practice & festival.