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Bennington Soccer Club Programs

Bennington Soccer Club (BENSC) focuses on the development model. We have worked closely with Nebraska State Soccer Association and numerous collegiate coaches to fine tune this model to work for all of our coaches and players. When viewed from the perspective of how kids learn, the number of repetitions of a specific skills and situations that occur in practice verses a game, a model was created that valued proper training sessions above all else.

Training sessions can and should be fun, especially if the kids are all playing together and having a blast with the game that they love. The more they play it, the better chance that they’ll love it. And when you  combine passion for the game with increased ball time, kids will start to excel at it. Play, Love, Excel.

The development model is being utilized by 100s of different sport federations around the world. It promotes player development and growth. 

How Will It Work?

The U4 program meets once a week on Wednesday for 60 minutes. Players will work through a variety of stations working on ball control, building confidence and having fun.

U5/U6 girls meet on Thursday and U5/U6 boys meet on Tuesday for 60 minutes of skills/station training. Each session will be packed with activities to improve dribbling, build player confidence, and challenge them with fun games. Players will also play in festivals on Saturdays.

U7/U8 girls meet Monday and U7/U8 boys meet on Thursday for 60-75 minutes. This program will continue to build upon skill development. Additional skills training sessions will be available once a week with the director of coaching. Players will play in festivals on Saturdays. 

U9 through U10 teams will continue to play through ENSA (Eastern Nebraska Soccer Association) which is a recreational league. BENSC has compiled a team to assist coaches in their development as well as player development to ensure players are expanding their skill levels, understanding the flow and movement of the game, working as team and most of all having fun.

U11 and above teams can also play in the Nebraska League (through Nebraska State Soccer) for competitive match play. This will be determined by the coaches. 

All leagues will be responsible for scheduling of games while coaches will continue to organize practices.