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Fall 2015 2015-2016
2015-2016 x Fall 2015 Spring 2016

Thanks to Sheryl Cornett For Sharing.

CDC's Heads Up Concussion

United Stars

McKenna B.

Amberlyn B.

Jada B.

Sydney B.

Alyssa C.

Mazzi M.

Ellie M.

Ella P.

Courtney R.

Hannah T.

Reagan T.

Calla W.

Chloe Y.


United Stripes

Karsen B.

Emily B.

Avynne C.

Payton C.

Kennedy C.

Rylee G.

Belle J.

Kaylee K.

Kenzie K.

Abby O.

Allie S.

Alaina W.

Captains Selected

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to represent our team as Captains.  Players that show the most commitment, effort, performance, and leadership skills will be selected to lead our team as a Captain.

Date Game Captain Captain
04/02/16 United Stripes v CPF Integrity Payton C. Kaylee K.
04/02/16 United Stars v. BSC Parma Amberlyn B. Hannah T.
04/03/16 United Stars v GSC Prima Gold Amberlyn B. Mazzi M.
04/10/16 United Stripes v ELK Sparta U12G Avynne C. -
04/09/16 United Stars v. TSR Red Hannah T.
04/17/16 United Stars v. SSC Trouble Jada B.
05/03/16 United Stars v. GSC Prima Gold Ellie M.
05/07/16 United Stripes v. CBF Intergrity Abby O. Allie S.
05/08/16 United Stripes v. OFC 03/04G Black Karsen B. Belle J.
05/10/16 United Stars v. BSC Parma Jada B Courtney R
05/14/16 United Stripes v. Northwest Outlaws Rylee G. Alaina W.
05/14/16 United Stars v. WSR Gold Rush Amberlyn B. Jada B.
05/14/16 United Stripes v. Pella Oranjes Kennedy C. Kenzie K.
05/14/16 United Stars v. Wright County Chaos Hannah T. Ella P.
05/15/16 United Stripes v. Fusion FC 03/04G Belle J. Jaley M.
05/15/16 United Stars v. JUSC Competitive Courtney R. Chloe Y.
05/20/16 United Stripes v. ELK Sparta U12G Payton C. Kaylee K.
05/22/16 United Stripes v. KSC Strikerz Rylee G. Kenzie K.
05/22/16 United Stripes v. KSC Strikerz Karsen B. Avynne C.
05/25/16 United v. OFC 03/04G Black Abby O. Allie S.
05/28/16 United v. LSC Extreme Danger Jada B. Belle J.
05/29/16 United v. Kansas Rush Nero Hannah T. Reagan T.
05/29/16 United v. Legacy Odyssey Ella P. Reagan T.
05/29/16 United v. ELK Sparta Allie S. Chloe Y.
06/02/16 United Stars v. PSC Chaos Ellie M. Calla W.

Chris Blake

Chris Blake

Phone: (714) 308-7971

Joe Post

Joe Post

Phone: (402) 320-1730

Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

Phone: (402) 932-1038

Mark Wittland

Mark Wittland

Phone: (402) 590-6030

Jeff Kaiser

Jeff Kaiser

Phone: (402) 968-9594

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